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February 19, 2017
Exhibition at Clifton art gallery
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April 26, 2017

“God in the Detail” by Bin Qulander

Exhibition at Clifton art gallery

Binqulander: A Mystic Poetry

Binqulander, son of a Sufi sage, was born on March 7th. He is among the very few eminent calligraphers of Pakistan who developed an indigenous style in a short span of time and maintained it. As associate with calligraphy that it is merely a verse written in particular style, Qulander has changed this concept. His verses are a blend of idea, concept, and symbolic references.

Binqulander specialized in miniature painting from National College of Arts and has worked as a graphic designer during his career, but evolved as a calligrapher opening up new dimensions in the calligraphic artworks.

His inspiration was not just old calligraphic manuscripts instead natural elements were his major source. The focus was on geometric shapes created from various forms and lines which he observes in dawn, landscapes and Dhammal. Sitting and observing sunsets, waves, far sighted landscapes are his favorite hobbies.

The calligraphic artworks are a symphony created by the delicate strokes, color combinations and flow lines. Composing an artwork is not just a play of some elements. Rather a complete thought process is involved behind. The artist questions himself like why this symbol is placed here? What is the reason? Which line will be helpful in justifying the thought behind the artwork? To work beyond comfort zone is Qulander’s major focus. His large scale canvases with bold swirls and unique style signifies the greatness of God. Painting is not an easy task. Unlike other subjects it requires both mind and body to work together in sync and only then masterpieces can be created. Every artist needs an inspiration to paint. For Qulander his inspiration lies in natural objects and majorly the “Dhamaal” (A form of Sufic dance). Since he is from Sufi family, Dhamaal has always been a fascinating thing, the movement, intuition, swirls, motion and incorporating them into his artworks is a skill.

Calligraphic alphabets are harmonized scriptures. Qulander’s color palette is limited but every hue has a different intensity and serenity. Each painting has its own story and a mesmerizing aura which capture the viewer to continue gazing at the beauty marvelously painted on the canvas. This depth in the artworks let the viewer cover the gap of Sufism and mankind. The spell bound artworks allows the viewer to delve into the land of Sufism. One can create such marvels only when he is true to heart. Qulander’s modesty and passion is easily visible in his artworks providingaudience to feel the Sufi dance among the lyrical letters.

“Artworks are not just Quranic verses, but has an essence which should be felt”

Fariha Rashid
Art Critic,
Faculty Member of University of Gujrat

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