Available Paintings

Clifton Art Gallery is one of the best art galleries in Karachi, Pakistan which was inaugurated in 1991 with a mission to promote Pakistani paintings and artists. We are actively involved in selling genuine Pakistani paintings and facilitating the art lovers all around the world in buying Abstract, Calligraphy, Landscape, Miniature and Figurative Paintings for sale. We also have a huge variety of Master Collection paintings for sale by Renowned Artists which is a specialty of Clifton Art Gallery.

Our paintings are 100% genuine and are available to be shipped worldwide. Every painting is hand signed by the artist himself / herself. If you are planning to buy Pakistani paintings we have over a thousand to choose from. We feel proud in being one of the top art gallery in Karachi in terms of architecture, Paintings, Master Collection and Public relations. Our staff is one of the friendliest and will go out of the way to help you select the best painting to buy online as well as in store. You can contact us and we will be happy to serve you with our best paintings that will fit your taste.

Landscape Paintings
Our collection includes Landscape paintings by famous Pakistani renowned artists such as Iqbal Hussain, AQ Arif, Ghulam Mustafa, Salman Farooqui, Zulqarnain haider and Hanif Shahzad to name a few. Landscape Painting or Art is usually a piece of work which consists of natural sceneries such as mountains, valleys, trees, rivers and forests, especially emphasizing the wide angle view – with all the elements arranged into coherent compositions. A landscape painter can be inspired by the live painting or can take the help of an image or both. Landscape paintings usually consist of water, in the form of lake or sea whereas sky is almost always included in the view add more depth into the artwork. At Clifton Art Gallery our landscape paintings will take you to the faraway journey and transform you to places that are marvelously painted.
Abstract Paintings
Abstract painting uses a visual language of shape, color, form and lines to produce a non-object representation of anything. Abstract paintings can be slight, partial or complete. At Clifton Art Gallery you can find hundreds of genuine abstract paintings for sale by various famous Pakistani artists. Abstract paintings appeals to those who think beyond shape, size, color and usual figures or lines and have deep connection with the subconscious that portrays what it means to a specific individual who is viewing the art. Abstract art is different from any other form of art in a manner that it does not confine to one color, shape, design, or figure and is totally subjective to every individual’s taste. If you are looking to buy abstract paintings visit our art gallery or see it in collection page.

Calligraphy Paintings
At Clifton Art Gallery you can buy Calligraphy paintings by famous Pakistani artists such as Ismail Gulgee, Ahmed Khan, Asghar Ali, Sadequain, Bukhari, Jamil Naqsh, and Bin Qulander. Calligraphy is a visual art which is associated with writing. It is defined as the art of giving form to written letters that incites the emotions of the viewers. It can be done using a broad tip instrument, a brush, or other writing instruments such as pencil or pen. Islamic calligraphy is one of the most bought paintings by art lovers world-wide. We are proud to have such an exquisite collection of calligraphy paintings for sale that will add color, style and depth wherever they are put. If you are looking to buy calligraphy paintings visit our art gallery or online in our collection page.
Figurative Paintings
Figurative painting can be described as artwork, painting and sculptures that resembles things from real object sources, such as people, animals, buildings etc. Figurative Art is not synonyms with figurative paintings (art that represents the human figure), although humans and animals are frequent subjects. Figurative paintings are different than abstract paintings as figurative paintings draws similarity with the real world objects whereas abstract art is not confined to any shape, object or geometry. Our collection includes paintings by famous Pakistani artists such as AS Rind, Hajra Mansur, Naveed Ashkal, Mashkoor Raza, Moazzam Ali and Nahid Raza and other such talented name in the art industry. Our Paintings collection will surely inspire you. If you are looking to buy Figurative Paintings online visit our collection page or visit our art gallery.
Miniature Paintings
We have a wide collection of Miniature paintings for sale of various sizes by famous Pakistani artists. Miniature painting is sometimes confused with small paintings which depicts only small subjects on a smaller scale which is not true. At our art gallery you will find genuine pieces of miniature paintings for sale. Our miniature painting collection contains art works by Bashir Ahmed, Khalid Saeed Butt, Wasim Ahmed, Mudassar Manzoor, Shabana Nazir, Aakif suri, Asif Ahmed and Syed A. Irfan. The beautiful ornamental qualities of the miniature should be preserved whether it be the intricate large pieces, or intimate hand held works. These paintings are not only a piece of art but also a piece of history that is beyond its actual price. You can buy miniature paintings at our collection page or Visit our art gallery.
Master Paintings Collection
Master paintings collections is a specialty of Clifton Art Gallery as you will not find these paintings on any other Art Gallery. Our gallery is proud to have a wide collection of master paintings for sale. These paintings grow in value every day as only limited paintings are available for sale. These master paintings collection are an asset that you can have and let the world know about it. These are no ordinary paintings, it takes years and years of practice to create a painting that is promoted as a master art. They are an asset that you can have and let the world know about it. These Master paintings are sure to bring out the artist in you and make you see the world through the eyes of its painter.

Art Exhibitions

To bring the most talented artists together Clifton Art Gallery are actively engaged in conducting art exhibitions in Karachi. It is the most exciting event and receive a huge acknowledgement by the local public. The exhibitions can be of different time some being are held for a week while others are for more. By doing these exhibitions we help the artists reach the right audience helping them in promoting art culture in Pakistan. The paintings from the exhibitions are displayed at our art gallery as well as Online at our website.

Current Exhibitions

Clifton Art Gallery Karachi continues the legacy of bringing the best painting exhibitions in Karachi Pakistan. We are proud to announce yet another Amazing exhibition of Sculptures by Talat Dabir, The exhibition will begin on 19th Feb. 2018 and will last until 28th Feb. 2018.

Current Exhibitions at Clifton Art Gallery

Submissive Self by Talat Dabir