Mashkoor Raza Oil On Canvas Painting
Splendid Works by Mashkoor Raza 2017
November 17, 2017
Asghar Ali Calligraphy oil Painting clifton art gallery
Painting Exhibition Jewels of Calligraphy by Asghar Ali
December 12, 2017


Oil Painting by Pakistani Artist Nahid Raza Size 36 x 48


A recipient of the President’s Pride pf Performance, 2007, Nahid Raza is a widely traveled artist whose observations of the world around her, strengthened by personal experience, led her to explore issues on women’s rights, violence and the expectations of society. In Raza’s work vigorous defiance has often been tempered by a tangible love of life that transcended problems by quintessential spirituality.

In her recent collection of paintings it is the mystic spirituality which is the dominating factor.

The artist is one who belongs to the school of Frida Kahlo, Kathe Kollowitz and Paula Becker; women who as independent observers correlate the outside world to the central realities of their own existence. Nahid’s ongoing journey often takes on the appearance of a visual diary of intimate emotions and conclusions expressed with a `hands-on’ vibrancy that transcends the complexity of the medium. She has taken as the focus of her work the anguish, joys, weaknesses and strengths, defeats and triumphs of a woman’s life articulated with a candour that is infinitely moving and which is the salient feature of her work. Continuing to explore the woman’s viewpoint in a traditional society, the artist has evolved a language of symbols that give expression to her thoughts and feelings. Textural value is an important factor of the work as is experimentation with media and surface interest.

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