Group Exhibition 50 Artists
May 22, 2014

“Tasaduq Sohail – 2007”


The highly popular veteran artist Tasaduq Sohail retains his unique handling of the media while maintaining the symbolism and potency that is his signature style. In recent paintings, he has moved away from the small, gothic miniature style of earlier years and while working on larger surfaces, refers to earlier work by focusing on certain aspects. One finds the fearsome, gargoyle-like faces suffused with suffering; mood changing idyllic, three dimensional fantasies of beautiful lands where birds and animals reign supreme; and portraits that act as surfaces for his distinctive material qualities. Words are banished, there are no titles to offer hints of the artist’s intentions, and the work speaks volumes, evoking greater force in its ambivalence. In Sohail's most recent work, one finds a primitive exoticism evoking spontaneous cross-cultural referral; here the artist plumbs the mystery of mankind’s links to nature. In his work, the artist’s impish wit makes palatable the fears and vulnerability of human existence.

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